Springfield's eight 'Krews' competed against each other at Field Day! (Click to see a higher quality version)

What is a "Krew"? 

Every year, for the members who are interested, we create several smaller groups within Springfield. These groups, usually composed of around 20 people, spend the year both getting to know each other and competing against each other in order to win our annual "Krew Cup."

What is the "Krew Cup"? 

The Krew Cup is a year long competition each group or 'Krew' participates in, with the winning Krew being the one with the most points! Ways to earn points are numerous, one example being the field day even shown in the picture to the right! 

So, What is being on a Krew all about? 

Here's what our Krew Leaders have to say...

My Krew during my first year in Springfield was probably one of the top reasons I decided to stick around this organization. It was such a comforting and welcoming experience to be known by and talked to by upperclassmen and older members. The feeling of acceptance played a huge role in my decision to hang on with you crazy kids.
— Matthew Casey, Krew Captain of "Purple"
Being on a krew is about what Springfield is all about—family. Sometimes our THON org feels big, but krews give everyone the chance to get to know each other better and grow closer.
— Betsy Miller, Krew Captain of "Green"
Springfield is a wonderful place to find a home, but it’s a big place, and can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you’re first joining. Krews eliminate that worry by giving a smaller feel to Springfield and building more direct relationships between all ages and all levels of experience in the org. Plus, the events krews plan are smaller, so they can be more intimate and extravagant!
— Maggie Ledrick, Krew Captain of "White"

For more information about Krews contact our Community Chair, Demi Kouvaris.