Executive Chair - Erika Exton

Erika is a senior double majoring in Linguistics and Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in math. She is from Horsham, PA, aka "15 miles north of Philly." Erika's future plans include graduate school for linguistics/cognitive science/psychology because she wants to continue doing research. In her free time Erika can be found reading and doing Sudoku and other logic puzzles (she recently discovered nonograms and highly recommends them). Ever since joining Springfield at the beginning of freshman year Erika has been amazed at how welcoming everybody is and has found most of her friends in the organization. She served as one of Springfield's Family Relations chairs for THON 2017 and is so excited to be serving as the Executive chair this year for THON 2018. Erika cannot wait to meet Springfield's newest members and help them realize the passion that Springfielders have for everything we do. Feel free to reach out to Erika at any time if you have any book suggestions or questions/comments about Springfield at executive@springfieldftk.org!

Family Relations Chair - Laura Fenerty

Laura is a senior from Perkasie, PA majoring in Middle Level Social Studies Education and minoring in Special Education. She stumbled upon a Springfield recruitment table on her very first day of college and has been a loyal Spartan ever since! A self-proclaimed cake enthusiast and avid quoter of The Office, Laura loves spending her time with family, volunteering with children, or watching inspirational commencement addresses. You can often catch her around East Halls where she’s an RA, at the creamery with a Bittersweet Mint cone, or planning her next visit to a historical site. She is thrilled to serve as a Family Relations Chair for the THON 2018 season and can’t wait to make more memories with our families! Reach out to Laura at fr@springfieldftk.org with any questions or suggestions. 

Family Relations Chair - Dee Curtin

Dee is a senior majoring in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Outdoor Education. She hopes to teach about the environment while instilling a passion for exploring the natural world. She is also planning to minor in Spanish and Sustainability Leadership. Dee is often asked, “Are you Leslie Knope?” or “Are you a park ranger?” The answer to both is no, however she does love Parks And Rec, among other series like Game of Thrones, New Girl, and anything created by Shonda Rhimes. Outside of class, she loves to swim, sleep, and drink tremendous amounts of coffee. THON has been such an inspiring organization to be a part of and Dee is excited to work with our four families throughout the year as our Family Relations Chair, with her wonderful co-chair Laura. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/compliments please reach out to her at fr@springfieldftk.org .

Donor and Alumni Relations Chair - Caitlin Kushnir

Caitlin is a senior majoring in Education and Public Policy and pursuing a Master’s in Education Theory and Policy; after graduation, she hopes to enter the governmental or non-profit sector of education reform. Caitlin is from Glenside, Pennsylvania, which is truly “right outside of Philly” according to SEPTA regional rail. In her free time, she enjoys running, watching documentaries, snapping pictures, napping and sampling fancy coffees. A Parks and Recreation enthusiast, she attempts to emulate Leslie Knope at all times, even wearing pantsuits when the time is right. Springfield became Caitlin’s second family when she joined during her freshman year, and she had the privilege to serve as the Communications Chair for THON 2017. Caitlin could not be more excited to work alongside Rachel as a Donor and Alumni Relations chair for THON 2018! If you have questions about DAR or just want to chat, you can reach her at dar@springfieldftk.org!


Donor and Alumni Relations Chair - Rachel Durnin

Rachel is a senior double majoring in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering. In her free time Rachel enjoys sleeping, eating, and catching up on her favorite reality TV shows, such as The Bachelor and Big Brother. Post graduation, Rachel's plans include earning a living by becoming a serial reality TV show contestant, but if that doesn't work out her back-up is getting a job in product development.  Rachel's love for Springfield stems from the passion, commitment, and determination that she sees in Springfield's members on a daily basis. She is ecstatic to reach new heights with her co-chair Caitlin as well as the rest of the Springfield executive board. Feel free to reach out to her at DAR@springfieldftk.org with any questions, fundraising/donating inquiries, or just to talk about the latest season of The Bachelor.

Fundraising Outreach Chair - Greg Gavazzi

Greg is a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Leadership and Development.   After graduation, he hopes to work in the food industry or scientific advocacy while continuing to stay involved with the Penn State community.   He loves the Penn State community and is so grateful to be involved with Springfield, Lion Scouts, the Engineering Orientation Network, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and to have served on a Dancer Relations Committee for THON 2017.  He is extremely excited to work with Springfielders to organize the last canning weekend as well as pave the way for the future of Fundraising Outreach.  Feel free to reach out to Greg at fundraisingoutreach@springfieldftk.org with any questions, ideas, chemistry puns, or dad jokes.

Communications Chair - Dan Herlihy

Dan is a sophomore from Wallingford, CT and is majoring in both Computer Science and Security & Risk Analysis.  When not raising money with his favorite club on campus, Springfield, Dan likes to spend his time writing useless yet entertaining programs, ranting about encryption, and repeatedly breaking and fixing his phone and laptop.  Dan went to his first Springfield meeting the first week of freshman year and immediately fell in love with both the extremely energetic people and the chaotic-yet-hilarious slideshows.  He is absolutely thrilled to have found a place in Springfield and is excited to be in charge of those same slideshows, among other things, as Springfield's Communications Chair for THON 2018.  For questions, comments, media queries, or just general banter, Dan can be reached at communications@springfieldftk.org.

Alternative Fundraising Chair - Kellie Boyle

Kellie Boyle is a senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. She is from Kennett Square, PA, fondly known as the “Mushroom Capital of the World”. Kellie’s future plans include denying that she is graduating and pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry once that inevitably occurs. She became involved in Springfield very early in the fall of her freshman year, and has since made this her Penn State home. She could not be more proud to be a part of this incredibly passionate organization. In her free time you can find her running, binge watching TV shows, and eating an absurd amount of her favorite candy – hot tamales (yes she knows this is an odd choice). Kellie is so excited to serve as the Alternative Fundraising chair for Springfield THON 2018 and is looking forward to the incredible year ahead! Feel free to reach out to her with any questions, concerns, cute videos of puppies, or just to chat at alternativefundraising@springfieldftk.org.

Special Events Chair - Mitch Rosen

Mitchell Rosen is a junior from Richboro, Pennsylvania, also known as being from right outside Philly. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering and is a big enough nerd that he decided to minor in physics because he thought it would be fun. When he isn't spending time with Springfield, you can find him snowboarding, sleeping, watching movies, sleeping or bothering his friends while they try to do work and he pretends he's trying to do so as well. After Penn State, it is Mitch's dream to work for NASA. Before you ask, no, he's not trying to be an astronaut (necessarily) but wants to work on designing the vehicles that will carry the astronauts to space. If you have questions about Springfield or THON, or you're interested in discussing Philadelphia sports teams or the future of space travel, you can contact Mitch at specialevents@springfieldftk.org.

Community Chair - Demi Kouvaris

Demi is a proud Hufflepuff from Long Island, New York and is majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Psychology! She is currently a senior, and after college hopes to attend Graduate School to become a Speech-language Pathologist. Demi joined Springfield as a lost Freshman who just wanted to get involved in THON, but had no idea that the organization would become her family and home at Penn State (awwwwwwww!). In her free time, you can catch Demi reading Harry Potter, singing along to Hamilton, looking at pictures of baby foxes, watching Disney movies, or eating spaghetti squash (the best vegetable). This self-proclaimed liquid lipstick connoisseur absolutely cannot wait to expand upon the Springfield family and work with her nine incredible co-chairs for the THON 2018 year! If you want to talk to Demi about anything at all, feel free to contact her at 516-996-8875 or community@springfieldftk.org.

The Springfield chairs would love to hear from you. Contact them anytime! For general questions, email SpringfieldFTK@gmail.com.